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        Shenzhen  Fu Jin Hui Electric Circuit Co., Ltd
        Hotline: 0755-29916719
        About Us

        1. The details determine success or failure, and strive to grasp every aspect of production, sales and management.

        2. time to talk about quality, survive by quality, develop by quality, and benefit from quality

        3.Maintain the interests of customers and adhere to the principle of honest service

        4. Speak unity and carry forward team spirit

        5. Continuous learning, continuous improvement, and continuous innovation.

        Contact Us
        Factory Address: 3rd Floor, Building B, Shangxing West Industrial Zone, No. 1001 Xihuan Road, Shajing, Bao'an District, Shenzhen
        Business Department: Wei R:13590452215 Lei R:18681432607
        Marketing Department Tel: 0755-29916719
        Marketing Department Fax: 0755-29916718/15
        E-Mail:szfswpcb@126.com  szfswpcb8888@163.com

        Sweep More Exciting
        Copyright © 2019. Shenzhen  Fu Jin Hui Electric Circuit Co., Ltd. Shenzhen Fujiwei Circuit Co., Ltd.All Rights Reserved. 


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