You've found gravitydogs.com, and I'm cowdog.  This site is mostly a hobby and technical toy that is occasionally a blog, although mostly a photo blog.  I tend not to write many words, but that might change.  We'll see.  With each post you will find that if you click on an image, you will very often find it links to more images.  I encourage you to click on images.  You may also browse the entire photo gallery.  There are hundreds (I should looks this up) of images.

Why gravitydogs?  We love dogs.  We love gravity sports.  Our dogs often play with us, and they are really, really cute and fun.  So I take a lot of pictures of them.  The current little monsters are Maddie (aka Mad, aka bug) the australian cattle dog and Jack (aka Jack) the border collie.  Maddie is the boss dog.  Jack is busy, always busy.

Who is cowdog?  I'm 45 years old.  I live in Bozeman, Montana.  I started my life in New Mexico, took a lengthy tour of the midwest, and then came back west.  Most of my family live in Colorado.  Career-wise, I'm sort of an ecologist/geographer/tech geek/science program administrator.  I love dogs, skiing, cycling, hiking, mountains, mountain communities, internet communities, and people.  I suppose I wouldn't be honest if I didn't mention that I additionally love gear and working with my hands.  I also think way too much about way too much.  Fortunately, Julie, the love of my life, helps me stay balanced.  She's a marketing professional, a yogi, a women's organizer, and all around great person.  We just celebrated our 22nd wedding anniversary, which seems impossible.  

Why am I called cowdog?  I'm stubborn, ADHD, vocal, engaging, sometimes intense, energetic, physical, love to eat, and don't mind having my belly rubbed.  If you've ever known an Australian Cattle dog (aka a heeler), that may sound familiar.  If this means nothing to you, don't worry.  I have a real name too.

What is next?  I have no aspirations for this blog other than to have fun and connect with family and friends.  If you find some entertainment here, that works for me too.