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Weekend riding

 On Saturday I rode with a group that included Chad from Redbarn Bicycles in Hamilton, MT and several Bozeman riders.  We headed up Middle Cottonwood, a short but steep, rocky, and technical trail on the west side of the Bridgers.  I took out a demo dw-link Turner Sultan thanks to Chad.   Click on one of the two images below to go to the gallery with more images from this ride.

Group takes a break

Turner Sultan

On Sunday I rode with Julie, Derek, Erin, and Tennille.  The hard working crews have rebuilt the Leverich Canyon trail with a new climbing section and a fantastic winding, banked descent.  We rode out and back from town.  Leverich is my new favorite local trail.  I will ride this frequently.  Click on the one of the images below to go to the gallery with more images from today.

Erin and Julie

New descent

Triple Tree trail out and back

 Julie and I rode an out and back to the Triple Tree trail.  Other than one hideous mud pit, the trail was in great condition.  The hills are coming alive with spring.  We rode today with Derek, starting at his and erin's sweet new home, about a mile south of our house.  We did a quick zip on the trails around Sundance Springs, put in a few road miles, and then up the lollypop trail.  Although a short trail, the final climb and initial descent are very steep.  Then back to town.

The trail is out there

Brackett/Grassy up and back

 We started at Brackett Creek Trailhead and headed up toward grassy until we hit enough snow to turn around.  This is a fun and flowing trail with lots of switchbacks and banked turns as the trail winds through the terrain and trees.


Bozeman Creek Trail

 Riding with the dogs on the most popular local trail.  Doesn't take long to hit snow, however.


When you need a dry trail

 Even after a serious spring snowstorm, Lewis & Clark comes through with dry trails for early season riding.  Today we hit the trails with friends Steve and Colleen.

Lewis & Clark Caverns

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